Preparation time 15 minutes Cooking time:   8 minutes Serves: 8 as a starter 4 as a main Ingredients 4 muffins 8 slices ham 8 tbsp hollandaise sauce bought or home made 8 large eggs
Classic Eggs Benedict
Method 1. Prepare the hollandaise if making your own.  2. 3/4 fill large pan with water and bring to the boil. Crack eggs into Poachies and cook for 6 minutes, drain. 3. Whilst the eggs are poaching, slice the muffins in half and lightly toast. 4. Place the muffins onto 4 warmed serving plates toping each half with a slice of ham and a poached egg, finishing with a spoonful of warmed hollandaise and freshly chopped chives. Serve immediately.
There have been many other claims to its origination and many variations, making "Eggs Benny" one of the world's great recipes
In 1894 Lemuel Benedict, a New York stockbroker, hungover from the night before stumbled into the Waldorf Hotel, and ordered two poached eggs, crisp bacon, buttered toast, and a hooker of hollandaise. So impressed with the combination it was added to the Waldorf's breakfast and luncheon menus substituting ham and a toasted muffin for the bacon and toast.
Crack Immerse  Remove Shake Serve Boil 6 min Six Minutes
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